Setting Up Your Virtual Booth

You’ll receive an email that will allow you to login and access your booth. Using this link you’ll be directed to your company’s profile page, where you can manage your company information and virtual booth, including uploading your company logo, adding videos, staff, documents and external links.

Watch our virtual booth set up demo:

NOTE: Please have your booth profile and staff added no later than May 31, 2021.

Watch our exhibitor training session on how to effectively use our virtual platform to attract participants and generate leads.

URL: Click Here →
passcode: .X+9aWAD

Getting Started

Organizations have their own landing page within our virtual platform, with a number of customizable areas. You can access your company page (to edit your company’s profile) in one of two ways. You can click the link provided in the email we send you OR, once logged into the platform, you can select Account, then Edit my organization from the top menu. Once on your page, click MANAGE at the top right of your page. If you need your login information, or are logged in but not able to edit, please contact

Adding Booth Staff

If the staff member you would like to add is not available in the New Member drop-down, you must first ask them to register themselves using the link we sent you in the email entitled “Important Deadlines to help you prepare for Security Canada Virtual Spring 2021”

Once they have been registered, you can then add them as a member of your sales team. Please allow 24 hours for each registration to be processed prior to adding booth staff to your virtual booth.

Please note booth staff limits, based on sponsorship level:


(booth only)

Sponsor can register their virtual booth staff
Total of 12
Total of 8
Total of 4
Total of 2
Maximum staff that can be in the virtual booth at any given time
Total of 6
Total of 4
Total of 2

If you have any difficulty adding members of your team to your virtual booth, please contact Steve Basnett at

Updating Your Company Profile

Once you are on the MANAGE page, you will find an easy-to-navigate menu providing access to updating your company information, adding your company logo, promotional video or sales collateral. This includes the following options:

Basics allows you to edit the Organization’s details: Name, logo, Description, and any tags/keywords the host has provided. Please note: To justify text to the right, left or centre of each field, please double click the icon as shown below:

Leads lists information about attendees who would like more information from you

Visits lists information about attendees who have visited your page — please note that these are not inquires/ hard leads, and should not be treated as such

Polls allows you to configure interactive polls for attendees – please see this article if you’d like more detail on polls.

Files allows you to upload video and other documents (e.g. sales collateral) that attendees can view or download.

For video upload, if you use a link, the video player in the app will embed videos from the following providers: Youtube, Soundcloud (audio files), IBM, Facebook, Videopress, Twitch, Vimeo, Livestream, DailyMotion, Wistia, VidYard

Additionally, you can embed an uploaded video if it’s one of the following file types: .mp4 (preferred), .mov, .webm, .ogg, .hls

Maximum video file size that can be uploaded is 2GB.

Also, please note video upload limits, based on sponsorship level:


(booth only)

Sponsor can upload video(s) to showcase their products & services
Total of 6
Total of 4
Total of 2
Total of 1

Adding Tags

When updating Basic company information, you will be given the choice to select company profile tags. Company profile tags are key to allowing attendees to search for your company. You can choose from any of our pre-loaded tags below or create a tag that best suits your business profile:

Access Control
Active Deterrence
Audio video AV
Back to work
Body Worn Camera
Cannabis Solution
Card Readers
Cellular communications Voice and IP
Cloud storage
Colorful night view
Corporate Security Director
COVID-19 Solution
Digital Storage
Door Operator
Educational institution
Electonic security
Electrified Door Hardware
Eliminate false alarm
Equipment leasing
Facial Recognition
Fire Alarm monitoring (ULC)
Fire Alarm Systems
Footage for forensic
Government Services
Guard Services
high security gates
key fob
Key Systems
License Plate Camera
Live Video Monitoring
Managed services for CCTV/Access
Mask Detection
Mass Notification
Massive Storage
Media Converters
Media Extenders
mobile credentials
Monitoring Station
multi housing security
Multi Room Audio
Network Devices
New Technology
Occupancy Control
Perimeter Protection
PERS products
Police Equipment
Porch Pirates
Private Investigator
Property Management Solution
Public Address
Reopen Solution
Rep Firm
Retail Solution
Security Officer
Security System
Smart Traffic
Solar Panel
Solution Provider
Structured cabling
System Integrator
Temperature Measurement
Thermal Camera
Touchless entry
UPS/Power Supplies/Batteries
video intercom
Video Surveillance
Wire & Cable
Wireless transmission