Education Sessions

Initial Orientations & Deadlines

For Security Canada Virtual Spring 2021, we are inviting our Platinum, Diamond and Gold Level Sponsors to submit a 20-minute pre-recorded education session covering any of the following:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Service Showcases
  • Training & “How To” Tips
  • Expert Presentations

Education Sessions must be pre-recorded and will be streamed every half hour during the two days of the trade show. They will be available to all participants.

Pre-recorded Education Sessions should be no longer than 20 minutes. At the end of the sessions, attendees will be directed to your booth for Q&A. The deadline for submitting your pre-recorded Education Session is May 31, 2021.

Do you also serve clients in French?

Security Canada Spring 2021 will feature a second, dedicated education track in French. If you are submitting an education session in English, consider submitting it in French as well and DOUBLE your exposure at no additional charge.

Preparing and Presenting your Pre-recorded Education Session

While we recommend using PowerPoint to build your presentation, you can choose another presentation tool which you are more comfortable with, provided you are able to create a video of your presentation. Please consult the section in our FAQ’s titled: Pre-Recording Your Presentation for details on turning your presentation into a video.

Uploading your Pre-recorded Streamed Presentation

The maximum video file size is 10GB in MP4 format.

Once you’ve saved your video file on your computer, you have the following option for submitting it:

  1. Upload your video to your file sharing service (google drive, DropBox, etc.).
  2. Submit your video using this form.

Presenting your Pre-recorded Education Session

Our Conference Production Team will ensure your presentation is delivered without any issues or complications. When it’s time for your Education Session, the video of your pre-recorded presentation will play automatically.

When your presentation finishes playing, participants will be directed to your exhibit booth where they will be able to ask more specific questions about the presentation. Please ensure that your speaker or staff are available to answer any questions from participants.