Keynote Session

Firearm and gang-related activity in the GTA

Toronto Congress Centre | Toronto, ON
October 23, 2019, 9:00 a.m.

Andrew Steinwall – Enforcement targeting Organized Crime groups
Peter Boncardo – Gang related activity in the GTA
Scott Ferguson – Current trends in firearm related crimes

Join us at the Toronto Congress Centre starting at 9:00 a.m. for a special keynote session named “Firearm and Gang-Related Activity in the GTA.” Organized crime, including gun violence and criminal activity, is an escalating issue in the Greater Toronto Area and one that poses a serious threat to the city and its businesses and residents, both economically and in terms of security. This exclusive session is a must-attend event for anyone that wants to learn about the current landscape for gang activity, previous trends and how to prevent and defend against the issue.

The session will take place in advance of the opening of the Security Canada Central Trade Show at the same site. The Keynote Session is included with registration to Security Canada Central.

Andrew Steinwall, Peter Boncardo and Scott Ferguson with the Toronto Police Service’s Organized Crime Enforcement – Integrated Gun and Gang Task Force will discuss current and emerging gang activity, law enforcement’s response and share tips. The speakers have seen the devastating effects gang activity can have on the community firsthand and play a pivotal role in targeting the issue in the GTA.

About The Speakers

Andrew Steinwall

Detective Sergeant

Andrew Steinwall is a member of the Toronto Police Service and is currently a Detective Sergeant in the Organized Crime Enforcement – Gun and Gang Task Force. Before becoming a member of this unit, he worked in the Toronto Police Service – Major Project Section with a primary focus on large scale wiretap investigations. He was one of the lead investigators on Project Traveller (2013), Project Rx (2014), Project Pharaoh (2015), Project Sizzle (2016) Project Kronic (2017) and Project Patton (2018).

Andrew has also been a member of the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit and the Toronto Police Service – Counter-Terrorism Unit. Since 2005, he has been involved with 15 wire-tap investigations with a primary focus on Criminal Organizations, the importation and trafficking of firearms, drug trafficking and terrorism.

Peter Boncardo

Field Intelligence Officer

Peter Boncardo is the Field Intelligence Officer within the Toronto Police Service – Gun and Gang Task Force. He has held this position within the Gang Unit since 2015.

Peter’s expertise is in the identification of gang members and the indicia which lead to this conclusion. He has lectured extensively with regards to current and changing trends within the landscape of gang culture. Peter is looking toward opening further communications with services outside the Greater Toronto Area to help curb the migration of these criminal organizations and the inherent issues which go along with this.

Scott Ferguson


Scott Ferguson is a Detective in Toronto Police Service Intelligence Unit and is currently attached to Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO) where he is the Provincial Coordinator for the Firearms Analysis & Tracing Enforcement (FATE) program. His team is responsible to ensure every Crime-Gun seized by police in this province is analyzed and traced to its source and to provide operational intelligence to the appropriate firearms investigator. He works side by side with the United States Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms & Explosives (ATF) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Prior to this position Scott was a member of the Toronto Police Firearms Enforcement Unit and the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit. Twenty (20) of his nearly 29 years of policing has involved investigating the criminal possession, use or trafficking of firearms.

Prior to joining the Toronto Police Service, Scott was a full time member of the Canadian Armed Forces for almost 10 years where he served in Germany with the Royal Canadian Regiment and also served in Cyprus with the Canadian Airborne Regiment.