Education Flash Sessions

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

10:30 A.M.

Insider Risk – What you need to know to build out a successful program

Attendees will learn about key Insider Risk Program elements and good guidance practices. Areas of focus will include:

  • Establishing a Vision
  • Getting the right people involved
  • Technical and behaviour based detection capabilities
  • Risk based personas
  • Critical and role based asset protection
  • Technology enablers
  • Governance and program sustainment
  • The current threat landscape

Lina Tsakiris


Ms. Lina Tsakiris, CPP provides strategic direction, subject matter expertise and forms external key relationship coalitions for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Global Corporate Security Programs. As part of the Global Corporate Security Leadership Team, the scope of Ms. Tsakiris’s work includes counter intelligence program planning & implementation, enterprise security risk management planning & preparedness and overall innovation building.

Ms. Tsakiris has over 20 years of global experience in security risk management and is a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) with ASIS International; she has an academic background in Criminal Justice Studies and Sociology at Centennial College and McGill University and recently completed The Insider Threat Program Manager Certification at Carnegie Mellon University. Ms. Tsakiris is also the Chair of the ASIS Women In Security Publications Committee and is a strong advocate for advancing career opportunities for Young Professionals and Women In Security.

11:00 A.M.

Enhancing perimeter security with video analytics

Video analytics have greatly improved over recent years, benefiting from today’s higher performance/lower cost computing resources, as well as HD cameras with impressive low-light, IR and thermal capabilities. These advances mean rather than being an alternative to traditional perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), video analytics now offer an exciting new set of technologies that greatly enhance perimeter security at relatively low cost. This session demonstrates how integrating analytics and PIDS can provide increased detection and assessment capabilities.

Andrew Matheson

Services and Support Manager

Andrew is an experienced IT professional with over 15 years of experience leading technical teams and helping companies employ the strategic use of IT. At Senstar, Andrew is responsible for the global management of the technical support department, as well as training and education services. Prior to Senstar, Andrew held a variety of IT-related roles including IT manager and senior network analyst. Andrew has Bachelor’s degree in computing and information science from the University of Guelph.

11:30 A.M.

Lowering Operating Expenses and Maintenance For Your PoE Network

One of your biggest demands is providing power to easily and cost-effectively operate IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and other devices. Let Transition Networks show you how their Smart PoE+ and PoE++ enterprise switches with unique Device Management System (DMS) features are the perfect solution for you.

R. Glenn Buck

Transition Networks

Glenn is an RCDD and has spoken at many Telcom industry events including most recently at ICT Canada in Toronto on Smart City technology solutions. He has worked in most every Telecom market including now in the vendor market supplier sector where he leads sales engineers with Transitions Networks, a US based 32 year global company specializing in intelligent edge connectivity solutions (PoE switching, converters, optics) that address the demand for security networks globally.

12:00 P.M.

Modern LAN

The key principles of the Modern LAN not only offer the opportunity to rethink how best to architect a local area network but also how to most effectively adapt the network to technology disruptions and digital transformation efforts; deliver cost-effective security, and incorporate environmental responsibility and sustainability into the network design. This white paper will highlight the challenges that many businesses face under traditional LAN design precepts, identify a new approach to local area network design, and offer a new set of networking best practices to deliver a Modern LAN that will support business needs today and well into the future.

Richard Kasslack

Vice President of Sales, North America
NVT Phybridge

Richard Kasslack has over two decades of presence in Application and Systems Architecture, Network Administration and Call Center Operations. His impressive appointments have included Director of Call Centre Operations at The Toronto Sun Newspaper, where he oversaw the implementation of one of the first automated dialing solutions in Canada, and Director of Information Services at Investment Planning Counsel, part of one of the largest Wealth Management companies in Canada. Mr Kasslack has also founded several Internet start-ups. In addition, Mr Kasslack has been a board member of a number of private companies and charitable organizations and is a contributing member to various industry groups and committees. He is a seasoned professional and his expertise has allowed NVT Phybridge to grow substantially since joining the company in 2009. Richard is currently head of North American sales at NVT Phybridge where he oversees a professional sales team with a specific focus in IP Voice, IP Video Surveillance and all things IoT.

12:30 P.M.

Cyber Insurance, Breach Coaches, and Cyber Warfare – a view “from the Trenches”

Canadians have been slow to come around to recognizing the value of transferring risk with insurance policies. Yet, the increase and impact of highly organized cybercrime continue to rise. In November 2018, the Data Privacy Act took full effect – making it mandatory for Canadian organizations of all types, to report suspected data breaches to both the Government and to the victims. In this brief presentation, we will look at what the statistics are telling us – and what steps we all need to take to adjust to a new threat landscape that isn’t going away.

Jason Conley

Envista Forensics Ltd.

Since 2003, Jason has been providing computer forensic services and cyber-investigation support to a wide array of clients including corporate directors & security management, legal departments & law firms, government agencies, private investigation firms, forensic accountants, and business owners & managers in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. Many of these examinations have warranted or strengthened “for cause” terminations during active employee investigations, and conversely, thwarted wrongful dismissal lawsuits. He has testified as an expert witness in court and in union arbitrations, on issues relating to computer forensics, internet-based investigations and e-discovery issues. His workmanship has been instrumental in the successful execution of remedial court orders, some of which have been Anton Piller (civil search warrant) court orders. Jason specializes in matters of industrial espionage, Intellectual Property Theft, breach of contract and fraud-related investigations. Jason is responsible for providing digital forensics services in Canada. He is also assisting in business development and team growth as Envista Forensics Ltd. expands its reach across Canada and around the world.

1:00 P.M.

Video Monitoring Do’s & Don’ts

Anna Duplicki


Anna started in the security industry as an alarm-monitoring operator during her high school years. By her early 20s, she was managing an entire retail division for one of the largest retail alarm companies in Canada. She was responsible for overseeing sales, installations, purchasing and technical service across the country. As she transitioned into her new and current role as VP of Business Development at Lanvac Surveillance, a strictly wholesale National Monitoring company, this retail experience helped her prepare and better relate to the needs and challenges of alarm dealers across Canada. Anna has been in the security industry for over 20 years and is an active CANASA volunteer for over 10 of those years, proudly serving on various councils as president and vice president, chairing committees, and several terms on the national board.

1:30 P.M.

S4400 Standard- Cannabis Facility Security

A short session on the new CAN/ULC S4400 Standard Published March 2019 which assists Security Practitioners through Health Canada facilities audits and permits.

Alan Cavers


Al is the Engineering Manager for the Fire & Security Systems Group of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and also oversees the Global Operations. He has been with ULC for 38 years in various capacities over the past 30 years working in the fire alarm and burglary protection area. Al is a registered Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) Technician.

2:00 P.M.

ULC Standards Changes that affect the Security Industry

This session will give a quick insight to the changes that will come into affect for Signal Receiving Station that will affect both Alarm Service Companies and Signal Receiving Centres in the near future.

Alan Cavers


Al is the Engineering Manager for the Fire & Security Systems Group of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and also oversees the Global Operations. He has been with ULC for 38 years in various capacities over the past 30 years working in the fire alarm and burglary protection area. Al is a registered Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) Technician.

2:30 P.M.

Video Surveillance Evidence: An Update

Update recent law on the topic of video surveillance evidence

Elliott Goldstein

B.A., J.D.
Law Office of Elliott Goldstein

Elliott Goldstein, is a York Region lawyer who practices civil and commercial litigation in Newmarket, and works with the security industry throughout Ontario. He has been a member in good standing of the Ontario Bar since 1988.

He is the author of Visual Evidence: A Practitioner’s Manual, published in 1991 by Carswell/Thomson, and updated twice annually. It is now three volumes and contains chapters on the law of video surveillance in criminal cases and a chapter on forensic video analysis. He has written a monthly column for Canadian Security Magazine, entitled “CCTV and the Law”, since 1997.

At the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Mr. Goldstein annually lectures on the legal aspects of videotaping crime scenes, and on video search warrants, as part of the Applied Forensic Videography Program. He was appointed a Deputy Judge of the Ontario Small Claims Court in October 2009, and sits part-time in Oshawa, and Barrie.

3:00 P.M.

Insider Threat

In the security industry, we have always focused on allowing only authorized people onto premises and giving them access to information. What should you look for when it comes to an insider threat?

Sherri Ireland

Security Exclusive

Sherri Ireland, CISSP, is recognized as a senior leader in the physical security industry and is now bridging into cyber security. She managed a $65M portfolio for a global integrator, including managing installation and service of integrated security solutions for financial institutions, municipalities and electrical grid customers in Canada. In 2015 she started Security Exclusive, providing cyber awareness training sessions, security consulting and recruiting. Sherri has been trusted to step into senior operational roles, create RFP’s, policy and procedure writing, training, teaching and consulting.

Sherri is a life-long learner and just completed her CISSP designation as well as graduated from Ryerson University with a certificate in Computer Science and Digital Forensics in 2018.
She is part-time faculty in the Protection Security and Investigation program at Fleming College since 2011.

3:30 P.M.

Deploying Power over Ethernet Anywhere and Everywhere

Power over Ethernet (PoE) now powers more than 100 million devices, and like any network device, their locations are limited to the 100 meter network distance of copper UTP cable. This is an ongoing challenge for any network deployment with devices like IP cameras and wireless access points that are distributed over large areas outside the distance limitation of copper network cable. The challenge is even greater in complex deployments that involve hundreds or even thousands of PoE devices that require different levels of PoE power, including PoE (15W) PoE+ (30W) and High-Power PoE (60 and 100W).

This presentation will review a variety of technologies that enable network distance extension to PoE devices, including PoE media converters, PoE fiber switches, PoE extenders, and hybrid fiber cable.

Mark DiPietrantonio

Director of Business Development
Omnitron Systems Technology Inc.

Mark DiPientrantonio is Director of Business Development for the US and Canada at Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc., where he oversees the sales and channel development of the company’s Optical and Power-over-Ethernet products and technology with a focus on the Security and Surveillance markets. Mark has been with Omnitron for 20 years, and is a seasoned veteran of the telecommunications and network technology industries. Before Omnitron, he served in different business development positions and holds a degree in Engineering.

4:00 P.M.


Patrick will be recognizing some exceptional contributors to CANASA during a short awards presentation.

Patrick Straw

Executive Director
Canadian Security Association

Patrick has been an active member in the security industry for 30 years. During that time he has worked in integration, distribution, dealer monitoring and has managed a small company of his own. Patrick has also served on the CANASA board of directors and is now Executive Director.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

10:30 A.M.

Catch Up With The Trend of AI Surveillance

AI Perimeter Protection

  • Effectively filter false alarms triggered by animals, tree movement, bright lights, etc.
  • Smart search based on Perimeter & Meta Data helps find video footages by trigger type of human and vehicle.

AI Facial Access Control Terminal

  • Facial terminal works with turnstile to recognize face and grant access automatically, suitable for commercial access control and time attendance applications.

Jerry Li

Ameta International Co. Ltd.

During the past decade in the security industry, he has developed access control systems and managed security products with the top 10 CCTV manufacturers across Canada and USA. Before taking this role, Jerry was the technical manager, providing professional service and solutions for customers regarding large video and access control projects. Jerry is now starting to develop new products which will be suitable for the Artificial Intelligence security market.

11:00 A.M.

Inclusion and Protection: Protecting Houses of Worship

This presentation will discuss the challenges involved in maintaining an open and welcoming environment while working to protect congregants and members of faith-based communities in Canada.

Akiva Sandler

Principal Consultant
A.S. Consulting

Akiva is the principal consultant at A.S. Consulting, a security consulting firm located in Toronto that focuses on addressing and alleviating the risk religious institutions face. He has spent 18 years in the security industry, including 9 years in strategic consulting and business analysis. He is an Israel Defense Force (IDF) reservist with the Paratrooper Brigade, who was trained by Israel Military Industries and previously served with the Israeli counter-terrorism unit responsible for the public transportation infrastructure in Jerusalem. He also worked facility security at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

Akiva has a Bachelor’s Degree in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy with certifications in Counter-Terrorism and Conflict Resolution, and holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Public Policy from the London School of Economics.

Akiva has previously lectured at the IDC Herzliya’s Lauder School of Government to both Bachelor’s and Master’s students and spoke at the OU Executive Directors Conference on the topic of Safety and Security in the Jewish Community.

11:30 A.M.

From 1960 Monitoring To 2019 Surveillance

An overview of the history of CCTV. How and Why it got started to What and Why we are installing today.

Bill Pitcher


Bill has spent 44 years in the RF Coax Industry, with the last 20 years specializing in listening to contractors and developing New Wiring Infrastructure Products that hopefully resolved the problems they had in achieving Maximum System Performance at Maximum Profit.

12:30 P.M.

Steps to take to get ready to sell your business

This session will lay out some of the issues you should address in preparing to sell your business. It will address questions like is this the best time to sell both in terms of your business and the general business climate, have you had your business properly valued and is the documentation on the business all in order and up to date?

The session will also demarcate between alarm businesses which are valued one way and fire, guard and integration businesses which are valued a different way and give the attendees some details on each method of valuation.

Finally, Victor will provide attendees with a list of tips to keep in mind while going through the process.

Victor Harding

Harding Security Services Inc

Victor Harding has been in the security industry in Canada now for 25 years first owning a network of alarm dealers with a partner. This was sold to VOXCOM in 1997 and Victor worked for VOXCOM for 6 years and then Protectron, a competitor, for another 6 years helping to build their authorized dealer program and buy smaller alarm companies. In 2009 Victor opened Harding Security to offer mergers and acquisitions and valuations services to the alarm, integration, fire and security companies across Canada. Victor is trained as a Chartered Accountant and had several years working for both small and large Canadian companies before getting into the security industry.

1:00 P.M.

Commercial Facilities – Critical Infrastructure – Securing Physical and Logical Boundaries

This session will be about the current inclusion of Commercial Facilities as being Critical Infrastructure and how securing the cyber security (logical controls) availability of an asset is just as important as investing in physical security of an asset.

Dylan O’Dell

GWL Realty Advisors Inc

Dylan has worked in various security roles holding a multiple of responsibilities for the past 10 years growing from Security Guard to Supervisor to Corporate Analyst and now Corporate Manager. My experience is in both physical and cyber security as I studied both facets at York University.

His experience has led to the successful implementation of one of the more robust mature security programs in the real estate industry today.

1:30 P.M.

The Key to Monetizing Traditional Security Technologies for the Gaming Industry

Traditional security technologies, once a cost center, are now a source of revenue for gaming casinos. With the latest in machine learning and video analytics, casinos can enable next-generation facial recognition to augment staffing, guest loyalty, marketing, and customer relationship management while mitigating losses from un-carded play. This session will explore the current state of video analytics and AI and provide best practices for building a surveillance infrastructure ready to take advantage of this revolutionary technology.

  1. Understand the role of machine learning as it applies to facial-recognition and video analytics.
  2. Learn real applications of video analytics in commercial settings.
  3. Understand requirements and best practices for building a video surveillance infrastructure capable of harnessing the latest in AI and machine learning.

Jason Porter

NetApp/Unicom Government

Mr. Porter has worked as an Executive or Government professional for over 25 years. He has been a leader in the technology market working both in government and the commercial market. Mr. Porter has led both US based and International programs for services, technology and operations. As an IT, professional he has lead enterprise engagements in Security, Video Analytics, Big data and Health Care, Physical Security, Electronic Surveillance, Bio Surveillance, and Biometrics. His government experience started with working in the intelligence agencies and led him to working with DHS, CDC, and DoD. He has led engagements International programs in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, China, Saudi Arabia, Europe and other APAC countries. His commercial experience has had him deploying technology for FOX Sports, NBC, large Sports Venues and Stadiums.

Technology solutions deployed in his career have had a strong focus on outcomes that provide real data, process improvement and information. He has worked on very complex large-scale enterprise programs like; the National Bio Surveillance Network, Mass Casualty Incident Response Systems for CDC, Immunization Registry’s, Disease Surveillance, AFIS, CODIS, and Enterprise IT solutions for DoD and the Intel community.

2:00 P.M.

Mind the Gap

Tips to connect effectively with new hires during onboarding in the Security and Investigations fields.

Danielle Weddepohl

Professor – Public Safety

Danielle Weddepohl is the leader of the Investigations: Public and Private Program at Sheridan College and a Professor in Public Safety. Her experience teaching and counselling students on industry best practices and career options, and her work in supporting alumni working in the Security industry has provided her with insight on how best to train and support new employees. This information is useful for hiring Managers, trainers and HR professionals in the Security, Investigations and Public Safety realms. Danielle previously worked at the Canada Border Services Agency and the Communications Security Establishment Canada in analysis roles aimed at safeguarding the security of Canada.