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The Security Canada Alberta trade show is synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge security technology. Join us at Security Canada Alberta on May 29 and come face to face with the companies that are changing the face of Canada’s security industry.

A world of audio possibilities, Axis network audio systems are complete, high-quality audio systems you can use in various situations including physical security, public address and education.

  • Improve security on your premises with event-triggered announcements and direct callouts.
  • Make live or scheduled announcements in different zones, at the right time and right place.
  • Create ambiance with easy and flexible scheduling of great-sounding background music.


  • Security: Stop unwanted activity in its tracks – AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker
  • Public address: Broadcast to single or multiple zones – 2N SIP Microphone
  • Background music: Play music how and where you want to- AXIS C2005 Network Ceiling Speaker

THIS IS ABLOY® PROTEC2 CLIQ – ACCESS CONTROL ABLOY PROTEC2, which is based on the patented rotating disc cylinder mechanism, takes care of the mechanical security at your site, while electronic CLIQ technology allows flexible control of keys, access rights and audit trails. PROTEC2 CLIQ combines both technologies into one effective solution.

The Commend OD10 Outdoor Touchscreen Intercom Station, featuring a 10” Touchscreen display, is the perfect security solution for outdoor use. With its excellent outdoor characteristics, daylight compatible display, crystal clear audio and bidirectional video capability, this station is ideal for any advanced security building solution.

The OD10 is part of Commend’s all-new CONCERTO Series and along with the ID5 Indoor Touchscreen intercom station, with 5” Touchscreen, is bringing versatility and user convenience of smart devices to Intercom Security and Communication. The OD10 and ID5 can switch between customized welcome information, emergency mode, user information and guidance when needed. Commend’s newest innovations serve the growing demand for intelligent, dynamic communication in changing environments.

GeoVision Facial Recognition – VD8700 offering on the edge recognition. Recognize up to 10 people at a time with the 8 megapixel true 4K image. Up to 10,000 face profiles can be defined in the camera’s database and also categorized to meet various corporate needs, such as facilitating customer service or security management and more. Come visit us at the Security Canada events throughout Canada to learn more.

Award Winning Leviton Decora Smart ™ Wi-Fi – Dimmers, Switches and Plug-In

Welcome to the family: Decora Smart Wi-Fi 4-Button Controller

New controller provides lighting control in any residence or room with a single button press

  • Set room scenes or house activities
  • Enact All OFF or ON, Movie Time, Party Mode, and much more
  • Laser engravable buttons for a personalized touch
  • Total of 99 devices per Residence
  • Best on the market warranty – 5 years on all Decora Smart devices by Leviton
  • Works with smart products – Alexa, Google, Nest, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, August and more

Security Response Center is the nation’s leading provider of emerging technology.

Our automation can convert non-traditional signals into alarms which can then be professionally monitored, enabling alarm companies to offer new types of monitoring services:

  • Convert files, video, SMS, Email into signals

Numera Libris mobile health, wellness and personal safety (Mobile Personal Emergency Response – mPERS) solution, that’s auto-emergency aware with advanced fall-detection technology, making it most proactive solution on the market.

Security Response Center’s is up to date with the most recent technology to allow our Partners to provide Video Verification for alarm response purposes:

  • Bold Universal Connector
  • I-View Now
  • CHeKT Bridge

Intelligent video management software (VMS), video analytics, access control and innovative fence-mounted perimeter intrusion detection sensors.

Senstar Symphony™ VMS delivers an all-in-one solution for video management, access control, video analytics, PIDS integration, and alarm management for deployments of all sizes.

Fence-mounted sensors, including FlexZone®, FiberPatrol®, and the Senstar LM100™ hybrid perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system are ideal for protecting sites of all sizes.

TOA Canada’s new Smart Audio Device, brings together all the communication technologies needed for a powerful security loudspeaker.


  • Network speaker with microphone
  • Both ONVIF and SIP supported
  • Easy integration with VMS software
  • ONVIF back channel function applied for live announcement
  • Pre-recorded audio file playback
  • Up to 10 Multicast ports assignable for zone paging without SIP server
  • Easy integration with existing SIP phone system
  • 2-way communication with SIP intercom station
  • PoE/PoE+ compatible